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Fuel Injection Kits

Howell offers all of their harnesses with the necessary emission connectors when requested by the customer. These harnesses are considered direct replacements for the factory designs, and will be considered emissions legal when combined with the correct vehicle speed sensor, park/neutral switch, (or manual trans calibration), catalytic converter, and vent canister. Many older vehicles require no emission controls to be street legal. You should familiarize yourself with your state or local emission regulations and test to be sure what you are building will be street legal. Howell harnesses have passed emissions tests in all 50 states when properly used. Their 6-cylinder Jeep EFI Kit is available in an emission legal version under CA EO #D452, for street use. Please specify your Jeep's year model, and all engine modifications, when placing your order. You may utilize the notes section when ordering to list modifications.