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Centra-PodJeep Audio Accessories

Jeep speaker systems are what we do! New from Select Increments, The Centra-Pod is a fantastic addition to your CJ or YJ's sound system! This unique speaker housing rests in front of both shifters and directs sound toward both the driver and passenger with 5 1/4" speakers of your choice, or you can purchase the unit with Power Acoustik 5 1/4" coaxial speakers included. The Centra-Pod has pre-cut holes for 5 1/4" speakers, but many 6 1/2" speakers will fit too. If you purchase the pod empty, you can take it with you to buy 6 1/2" speakers and make sure they'll fit. Check the fit of the grilles that come with the speakers too! You'll most likely have to cut the speaker holes larger to accomodate 6 1/2" speakers. Our speakers can handle 90 watts of continuous power and provide excellent range with a polymica cone to withstand the elements and a superior dome tweeter for crystal clear highs.

Constructed of sturdy plastic, this ingenious unit will stand up to abuse for years to come and compliment your vehicle's interior with a factory appearance. The Centra-Pod installs easily, mounting to the floor with two hex-head self-tapping screws. A concealed wire lead hole located at the rear of the unit makes for a tidy installation. All hardware and instructions are included.

The Centra-Pod fits '55-'95 CJ and Wrangler models. Some earlier CJ models may not allow for placement of the pod in front of the shifter(s) as shown in the photos above, but may allow for placement on the other side of the shifter(s) closer to you. The unit can also fit earlier models with minor modifications, as well as many trucks and SUV's. For earlier models, as well as trucks and SUV's, the Centra-Pod requires at least 6" of unobstructed area with uniform curve between the shifters and firewall along with about 6" of height clearance between the bottom of the dash and the center of the transmission 'hump'.

The Centra-Pod fits '55-'95 CJ's and YJ Wranglers