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Neo Pod

The Neo-Pod fits ’07-’10 2-door JK Wrangler and all 4-door ’07-’18 JK Unlimited Wranglersand houses an 8” shallow-mount subwoofer to fill in that low-end audio void!  The pod easily slips under the passenger seat for a factory and stealthy appearance with no need to remove the seat for installation* and the low-profile design of the Neo-Pod allows a passenger’s weight to sink into the seat normally (the bulk of competitor products necessitate seat removal and can also make passengers uncomfortable).  Specialty screws easily attach the Neo-Pod to the floor and black screw caps complete the look.  Bass output is maximized because the sub fires downward, hovering just above the floor.  If you have custom-fit rubber floor mats, the rear mat can rest slightly on the back of the pod without issue.