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SkyPod Jeep Parts

Jeep speakers and their placement is what we do!

How about this one… what a neat and tidy addition! The Sky-Pod accepts most 4” speakers and throws rich sound directly at the driver and passenger, aiding the marginal dash speakers and providing some (very much needed) serious frontal imaging in your CJ or Wrangler. The Sky-Pod is made of durable, thick plastic and fastens easily and securely to the windshield frame by using your vehicle’s existing footman-loop screw holes and our provided hardware. The pod is held firmly in place with our included fender washers and screws AND you can attach the footman loop to the top of the Sky-Pod so you can still use a bikini top! The Sky-Pod won’t interfere with hard or soft-tops, visors or your rear-view mirror. Each pod comes with adhesive wire clips for running the speaker wires. Most Wrangler installs include running the wires across the top of the windshield to the roll-bar and then running them under the roll-bar pad, down to the floor and to your amplifier or radio. For CJ’s, most installs include running the wires across the top of the windshield, then behind the plastic soft-top piece mounted to the side of the windshield, then through the hole for your wiper motor wires.

There are several options for both CJ’s and Wranglers in running the speaker wires and the instructions describe in detail how to install and wire the pod in your CJ or Wrangler, including the ’03-’06 models with the new plastic windshield trim pieces known as Head Impact Trim.

‘03-’06 Wranglers: Bonus for you! If you have an ’03-’06 Wrangler, all you have to do is remove the long, center plastic piece; it pops right off much like a typical car door panel and pops back on much the same.

Some minor modifications of this center windshield trim piece and using the included flexible trim molding enables you to create a nice factory appearance! It will look just like the photos you see here. Another bonus with these models is that the speaker wires are simple to run because you can hide them behind the trim piece and then run them under your roll bar padding. The instruction sheets describe how to modify the plastic piece and include a template that you can cut right out of the instruction sheet, place on the plastic piece and mark where to cut. The best tool to do this with is a rotary cut-out tool, like the Rotozip®. A jig-saw will also work. You don’t have to make a perfect cut because the included trim molding will hide your entire cut, making it look factory. The only other modification for the ’03-’06 models deals with the footman loop: The loop is held in place with rivets instead of with screws like it is in the earlier models. You can drill out the rivets with a 5/32” drill bit,use the included thread-making screws to thread the holes, then add the fender washers and just screw the pod in place! The Sky-Pod can also be purchased with Profile 4” coaxial speakers with poly-composite cones and rated at 50 watts RMS.

Fits ‘55-’06 CJ and Wrangler