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HoodLift was the first to bring a Hood Lift to Jeeps in the early 1990's and the first to offer one for the JKs. We use highest quality minimum pressure gas springs and optimum mounting locations to minimize pressure on the hinges and avoid bending your hood hinges forward. Others use different mounting points requiring excessivly high pressure springs that can bend your hood hinges. At least one vendor claims they have an "exclusive dampened gas spring." ALL gas springs have oil in them that dampens the end of the stroke while lubricating the shaft seal. Ours are specially made to our specifications and have that smooth, dampened opening you want when you open your hood or tail gate. Don't take chances with your beloved Jeep. Get the proven original with the only lifetime guarantee!! We make HoodLifts and TailGate Props in such huge quantity that no one can match our quality, our 100% guarantee or our prices.