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Mod Pod Jeep Audio Accessories

Jeep speakers are all we do and Mod-Pods are a "must have". Located just beneath the doors, the Mod-Pods throw unobstructed sound toward the driver and passenger. They sound great with the doors on and the combat road noise with the doors off. They make use of wasted space and are contoured to fit snugly against the jeep body. Be confident in knowing the driver's side pod will not interfere with your vehicle. Mod-Pods are so well recessed under the doors that your feet will never fight for space. Once installed, you'll probably forget the pods are there... until you turn the radio on of course!

Constructed of 1/8" plastic, the units can withstand years of abuse. Mod-Pods have pre-cut holes to accept 5 1/4" speakers, though many 6 1/2" speakers can also fit. If you wish to use 6 1/2" speakers, you can buy the empty pods and take one with you when choosing a pair of 6 1/2" speakers to make sure they'll fit. You'll probably have to make the pre-cut holes a little larger, just make sure the depth of the speakers won't hit the back of the pod and check to see if the particular 6 1/2" grille that comes with the speakers will fit nicely on the face of the pod, since they vary in size. Purchase them empty or with Power Acoustik 5 1/4" car audio speakers. These are coaxial speakers with a polymica cone to withstand the elements and provide rich, clear midrange and bass. The superior dome tweeter produces crystal clear highs. They can handle 90 watts of continuous power and have frequency response of G5 Hz - 20 KHz. Very nice! They also employ an attractive grille (see above right) so a wayward shoe won't damage the speakers ,although once the units are installed we bet you'll never do so since they fit so snugly against the Jeep body.The Mod-Pod? is secured to the vehicle with two self-drill hex-head screws per pod. They have a wire lead hole so the speaker wires easily conceal beneath the carpet as they are run up to the radio. Directions and hardware included.The Mod-Pod? is designed to fit the Wrangler TJ, but can be adapted to fit the YJ and CJ as well. Usually the YJ and CJ models will require a spacer usually 1/2" or so, placed under the pods so that they will run nicely along the bottom of the door opening. CJ and YJ models require that the self drill screws are put through the bottom of the pods and into the floor of the jeep. The use of T-nuts, available at your local hardware store, is another option for a great install in CJ and YJ Wranglers. Just drill out the base of the pods to place two T-Nuts in each unit. Run corresponding - sized bolts through the T-Nuts and as they push against your vehicles's floor they will raise the pods and wedge them against the door channel. Probably the best for CJ + YJ's is to simply apply Lock-Tite® adhesive caulk to the back of the pod and stick it to the sidewall of the vehicle. The caulk is available at you local hardware store and will certainly hold the pods in place, just be sure to plug the screw holes so no air escapes the pods. TJ owners have a hand parking brake between the seats while YJ CJ owners have a foot activated parking brake- the driver's side pod will not interfere with using the brake.

Mod-Pods fit '55-'06 Jeep CJ's, YJ's and TJ Wranglers