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Stealth-Pod Jeep Parts

If it’s not there, they can’t steal it!

That’s right, take it with you! The Stealth-Pod is a portable subwoofer enclosure that is so well-designed and universal, it will fit ’76-’86 CJ7 & Scrambler, ’87-’95 Wrangler YJ, ’97-’06 Wrangler TJ and the new ’07 & up JK Wranglers. Special hangers suspend the pod slightly off the tailgate and incorporate rubber pads to isolate the pod, thwarting any vibration. The Stealth-Pod’s design allows it to swing with your tailgate, normal tailgate function remains unchanged. Removal is so easy… simply open the tailgate (the pod also swings out and is now easily accessible), pull out the special [speaker wire] plug and lift the pod off the hangers. There’s even a carry handle on top of the pod! Of course, you always have the option of permanently mounting the Stealth-Pod to your tailgate and choosing not to install the carry handle. How you do it is entirely up to you!

The Stealth-Pod’s smaller size leaves much of your cargo space intact and the portability is great for times when all cargo space is needed! The Stealth-Pod lives up to its name, the 10” subwoofer is unseen by passers-by and the pod can’t be removed (in most models) unless you open the tailgate or flip down the back seat. The Stealth-Pod has Fiber-Fill inside and produces truly remarkable sound; the subwoofer fires downward on an angle, maximizing bass output and providing the low-end audio void your Jeep’s probably missing. The speaker is protected from view, damaging cargo, and the elements. Talk about versatility…at the base of the pod are little rubber feet so you can take it indoors, put it on the floor, and use it in your home stereo system!

The Stealth-Pod should be powered by a 2-channel bridgeable amplifier. Install your amplifier in a secure, unseen place, such as under one of the seats, and run the speaker wires under the carpet and up to the pod, into the special plug. (Just leave about a foot of slack in the wire so you can open the tailgate with the pod suspended on the gate.) When you want to remove the pod from your Jeep, just open the tailgate, pull the speaker wire plug (it pops right out of the spring-loaded terminal), then lift the pod off the custom hangers by its handle. At this point the electrical connection is no longer made- your amplifier is still “on” but is sitting idle and the rest of your existing audio system works as it always did. No need to unplug or turn off the amplifier, just unplug the Stealth-Pod, that’s it! The tiny 1” hangers installed on the tailgate are all that remain.

Installation is quick and easy with instructions for all Jeep models. The Stealth Pod’s two receiving hangers and rubber bumper are pre-installed on the pod, so you only need to drill some small holes in your tailgate and mount the two male ends of the hangers. Each hanger has a base that uses four small screws. You’ll have a total of eight 3/32” holes to drill in specific places on the tailgate, all of which is covered in detail in the installation instructions and the correct drill bit is included! Whichever Jeep model you have, the male end of the hangers will install on flat, uniform surfaces of the tailgate and will line up nicely with the pre-installed hangers on the pod.

The Stealth-Pod is a .70 cu/ft. sealed enclosure made of very strong, no-flex ¼” textured plastic that houses just about any 10” subwoofer, even subwoofers with very large magnets. All Stealth-Pods come with a 10” foam speaker gasket for an air-tight seal. The Stealth-Pod is available with and without Legacy® audio components: You can get the Stealth-Pod loaded with a 10” Legacy® subwoofer rated at 500 watts rms, or you can get it with the subwoofer and a bridgeable Legacy® 400 watt amplifier along with an 8-gauge amplifier wiring kit. You can also purchase the pod empty and add your own audio components. Installation hardware and detailed instructions with photos are included with every Stealth-Pod.

  • Choose an amplifier that’s 2-channel and bridgeable to power the Stealth-Pod.
  • Some early YJ models have a tailgate stop mechanism which will need to be removed to install the Stealth-Pod.
  • Placement of the Stealth-Pod interferes with JK Wranglers that have the factory subwoofer behind the rear seat.

    #40473 The Stealth-Pod(enclosure only)- For ’76-’09 & up CJ-7, CJ-8, YJ, TJ, & JK Wrangler #40473 S - The Stealth-Pod with subwoofer For ’76-’09 & up CJ-7, CJ-8, YJ, TJ, & JK Wrangler #40473 SL - Stealth-Pod with subwoofer, amplifier and wire kit For ’76-’09 & up CJ-7, CJ-8, YJ, TJ, & JK Wrangler

    The Stealth-Pod fits CJ7, CJ8, YJ, TJ and JK Wranglers.