'07-Current JK 2dr Clover Patch Window Rollup Storage Kit

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Enjoy your new Jeep 2-door JK even more with the softop windows removed and safely stored in your Jeep. There's probabaly been times when you've hesitated taking your windows out and leaving them at home because there were clouds in the sky. And, of course, the rain never came. With the Jeep Window Roll, your windows stay with you all the time! The Window Roll wraps your zip-out windows (sides and back) between layers of soft felt and then tucks them into a durable nylon bag. The Bag can then be attached with the straps and buckles to your roll bar or hung in the garage or anywhere! The storage bag stores easily with the top up or down making it very versatile. Not only are your windows with you, but they are protected from scratches. The Window Roll prevents your windows from taking up valuable passenger seating and from being stepped on or flying out of the Jeep. On long rides you can enjoy the sunshine during the day and re-install the windows when the sun goes down.  Made in the USA. The Window Roll is warrantied against manufacturer's defects for 6 months from purchase.

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