'76-'95 CJ/YJ 2-Reclining Front Seats w/ Rear Fold & Tumble

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  • '76-'95 CJ/YJ 2-Reclining Front Seats w/ Rear Fold & Tumble
  • '76-'95 CJ/YJ 2-Reclining Front Seats w/ Rear Fold & Tumble
  • '76-'95 CJ/YJ 2-Reclining Front Seats w/ Rear Fold & Tumble
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6 Reviews

  • 5
    Good seats

    Posted by Rod Darlington on 26th Aug 2019

    They are a great looking set of seats. And we're easy to install and good mounting brackets

  • 4
    look good

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Mar 2017

    They look good and there for a smaller butt lol and the rear seat latch needs some work I had to redrill one of the holes to make it fit but all in all good for the price

  • 4
    very nice

    Posted by Grant on 3rd Jan 2017

    These surprised me quite a bit when you consider the price. They are comfortable and well made. The mounting holes are perfect and line up with my brackets pretty well, but I have a feeling a previous owner swapped seat brackets because I had to bust out my drill. No big deal, quick and easy. The vinyl texture is really nice and is not slick like the old truck seats I'm used to. There is really only a couple reasons for not giving five stars. 1, the recliner bar that goes through the front seats to made them universal for either side is too long. On my drivers seat, it is rubbing my center console at all times when in the down or forward position to let my kid in the back. The passenger seat doesn't have that issue, and yes, I made sure the plastic knobs were fully seated. 2, the gold and tumble rear seat has some folding and tumbling oddities. Sometimes the lock to fold the back doesn't hold well at all and the seat will fold with little pressure on it, while other times it takes a lot of pressure on the seat back to unlock the folder with the lever. The tumble lock mechanism is a little flimsy and could be made from a thicker metal. It flexes and deflects too much when trying to lower the seat down that the hook moves away from the loop it's supposed to lock into. For me, those things are only annoying and I can modify them to make it work. For my wife, who flips out and stresses over stupid and pointless things everyday, I can't wait for her to see this stuff so I get to deal with her attitude. I like the seats, I would buy again as the price was right, maybe get a few minor issues ironed out.

  • 4
    great seats for the price no doubt

    Posted by RC on 23rd Dec 2016

    The front seats are great, only thing I wish was that the rear seat was a direct swap with oem brackets, the rear seat ends up place too far to passenger side tub making it difficult to engage the fold and tumble lever. Also the rear hoop engagement plate requires drilling and modification if attempting to use stock rear seat belt center anchor for its mount. If you wanted to use 2 bolts to install, you'd have to drop the fuel tank to be able to put 2 through bolts through the floor. Somewhat of a pain, but the seat quality is great, once installed, jeep looks very clean and they are very comfortable.

  • 4
    Nice seats, minimal hardware, no instructions

    Posted by Scott Buffington on 26th Jul 2016

    The seats are nice material and seem well build. The front seats bolt right in and fit great. The rear seat required some modification as lock for upright position was bend and required to be bend back into place. Plastic cover over side hinge was broken and had to be glued back together. Rear seat came with brackets for mounting, but came with no hardware or instructions.

  • 4
    great seats for the money

    Posted by Tim on 22nd Nov 2015

    Overall the seats are great for the money. They shipped same day and arrived 3 days later which was nice. They are super easy to install, pre drilled holes lined up perfect with my factory risers and I used my existing fold and tumble hardware although it comes with new if you need them. They are well made, sturdy, and contoured in the back and seat. They state they are spice denim, however, they are not the same color as my spice interior or spice denim top. They are also really, really firm which seem to be getting better or I'm getting used to them. They also fit really tight against my rugged ridge center console making it tough to fold the passenger seat forward. That is the good and the bad, definitely would recommend

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